If you have been charged with a crime or are under a criminal investigation, you have important constitutional rights. For instance, it is a common misconception that the right to remain silent starts at some point deep into an investigation or after an arrest. You also have the right to have a criminal defense lawyer represent you during a police interrogation — even early on in the process.

Representation Focused Exclusively On Criminal Defense

The law office of Arnold J. Levine, Esq., is a premier criminal defense law practice based in Manhattan. We are committed to providing aggressive representation for clients throughout New York City in state and federal courts.

Our founding lawyer is a skilled trial attorney who has devoted his entire career exclusively to criminal defense. Unlike many lawyers who grabbed early trial experience as a prosecutor before making a business decision to change sides, Arnold J. Levine has always served as a defense lawyer who is devoted to standing up to the power and resources of the government to zealously defend the rights of clients.

When you work with Arnold J. Levine, Esq., you are gaining access to an attorney who knows how to prepare and present an aggressive criminal defense to obtain the most favorable outcome possible.

An Accomplished Criminal Defense Attorney

Defense lawyer Levine is well-regarded as a legal scholar who has trained hundreds of other lawyers in New York City on important criminal defense principles and trial skills. He has provided lectures and seminars on how to cross-examine witnesses; in firearms, child sex abuse and drug cases; how to pick a jury; and how to object and preserve the record for appeal. Other lawyers frequently call on Mr. Levine as the go-to guy who can answer complex legal questions.

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To request a free consultation with a trusted defense lawyer, send us an email or call our office in Manhattan at 212-235-1489. We represent clients charged with state or federal crimes throughout New York City.