First-Rate DWI/DWAI Defense Representation

Law enforcement agencies vigorously enforce New York's tough DWI/DWAI laws. If you are accused of driving while intoxicated in New York, it is important for you to understand your legal options. Even a misdemeanor DWI charge can have a significant impact on your life. A conviction for DUI/DWI creates a permanent criminal record. DWI and DWAI charges in New York are enhanceable offenses. New York laws make a second DWI conviction a felony-level offense. If you hold a CDL, a DUI charge will have an adverse impact on your livelihood. It is critical for you to take a stance to defend against any level of drug- or alcohol-related driving offenses to protect your future.

The Knowledge And Experience Of Your Attorney Matter

At the law office of Arnold J. Levine, Esq., we take DWI charges seriously. It is possible to effectively challenge DWI charges in many cases. When you call 212-235-1489 for a free consultation, we will meet with you to review the nature of your DWI arrest. Your story is important to us. However, when you retain us to defend your rights, we take the time to review all of the relevant factors, the prosecution's evidence, and the procedures used to gather evidence. Our attorney has more than 20 years of experience evaluating the nuances of DWI cases, and works zealously to find the flaws and weaknesses to obtain favorable results.

Detail-Oriented Defense To Achieve The Best Results Possible

There are a wide variety of steps to evaluating a DWI case. Your lawyer needs to know how to evaluate each step to answer vital questions to safeguard your interests, including:

  • Did the police violate your rights in conducting the initial traffic stop?
  • If a sobriety checkpoint was involved, were proper safeguards in place to protect your rights?
  • Were the field sobriety tests fairly conducted?
  • Did law enforcement violate your rights in obtaining a preliminary breath test?
  • Were there flaws with the evidentiary breath test at the police station, including problems with the machine?
  • Does the video support the prosecution's assertion of impairment or intoxication?

Every detail is important. It can take years for a defense lawyer to develop the skills to fully analyze a DUI/DWI case. We have 20 years of experience in providing zealous representation in DWI cases in New York City.

We represent clients in chemical test refusal hearings with the Department of Motor Vehicles. These administrative license suspension challenges are handled separately from the criminal case. The hearing often allows us to gain information from the arresting officer without the DA shaping the testimony and can be useful in analyzing the criminal charges.

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For unrelenting representation to challenge DWI charges, call Arnold J. Levine, Esq., at 212-235-1489 or send us a message online to request a consultation. The initial meeting is free. Our office is conveniently located near New York City Hall in Manhattan, and we represent clients in Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx.