A Zealous Drug Defense Lawyer In Manhattan

Despite the ongoing public debate over the Draconian nature of the nation's drug laws, state and federal agencies in New York continue to aggressively prosecute drug crimes. With mandatory minimum sentencing available for many convictions for drug crimes, it is essential for you to understand the nature of the charges, the potential consequences, and whether the facts alleged justify the charges. Overcharging in drug cases can significantly affect your rights.

Don't Take Chances — Let Our 20 Years Of Experience Protect Your Rights

Arnold J. Levine, Esq., based in Manhattan, near New York City Hall, is an accomplished trial lawyer who focuses exclusively on criminal defense. Our No. 1 priority is to provide highly skilled and effective representation, backed by more than 20 years of proven trial experience. His knowledge of the law includes a deep understanding of the differences between state and federal courts in the rules, procedures and application of sentencing guidelines, as well as the involvement of judges and prosecutors. These distinctions are critical in crafting the appropriate defense strategy to protect your rights.

We have substantial experience providing effective and aggressive defense representation for any level of New York state or federal drug crime. Whether you are charged with drug possession involving pills, cocaine, heroin or any other substance, or you are suspected of drug trafficking, attorney Levine will leave no stone unturned to present a solid defense. Common areas to address in defending drug charges include:

  • Misrepresentations or other flaws in a search warrant
  • Unfounded conclusions regarding constructive possession
  • Unlawful search and seizures, including stop and frisk matters
  • Pretextual or otherwise unlawful traffic stops leading to a drug arrest
  • Unlawful or coercive interrogation techniques to obtain confessions

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Arnold J. Levine, Esq., strives to build a position of strength to provide a solid defense. He is a skilled negotiator who will take a case to trial when necessary to safeguard clients' rights. To learn how our preparation and experience can be your advantage, call 212-235-1489 or send us an email to arrange your free consultation.