During initial consultations, clients come to us with questions regarding the criminal charges they face. Our goal is to provide them the answers they need during difficult times. Common inquiries include:

How Much Is It Going To Cost?

First and foremost, your initial consultation is free. For no charge, you can speak to attorney Arnold J. Levine who can assess your criminal matter and educate you on the options you have. Should you choose to retain our law firm, fees are based on the complexity of your case and the length of time it takes to find resolution.

What Kind Of Deal Can You Get Me?

We recognize that each case is different and requires customized strategies based on your specific needs and goals. Reviewing all the evidence from the prosecution will allow us to determine the best path to take. Plea bargains are a valid option. However, if we know that your case is best resolved in a courtroom, we will not hesitate to take it to trial.

Can You Get The Case Dismissed?

While dismissal of all charges is the ideal outcome, we cannot guarantee that prosecutors will drop your criminal case. A lawyer who not only has experience and knowledge, but also devoted his entire career to criminal defense, could be the best chance you have at a future of freedom.

What Happens From Here?

When you retain our firm, we will handle all aspects of your case. Your focus should be on your family and what is likely an uncertain future. Throughout every step of the process, we will keep you updated. As an important member of the legal team, you have a say on what happens and how we find resolution to your case.

Legal Help For New Yorkers Facing Serious Criminal Charges

If you have been arrested for a crime, take action now. Call 212-235-1489 or email our Manhattan law office today for a free consultation.