Avoiding The Potential Pitfalls Of The Legal Process

When you are facing criminal charges, you need an attorney skilled and experienced in providing an aggressive defense to serious criminal charges. You also need an advocate with the insight that comes with going through the process alongside countless clients.

Arnold J. Levine not only earns the trust of his clients; he is also a vital resource for his peers who have relied on him for his knowledge and insight. He has conducted training for hundreds of lawyers and lectures on various subjects throughout New York City.

The Need For Immediate Legal Representation

The criminal process is complex, and legal representation is necessary at every step. When an arrest occurs at the scene of the alleged crime or after, law enforcement detains and subsequently books suspects. This represents their first opportunity to ask questions about the alleged felony or misdemeanor.

On far too many occasions, they will claim that talking to them first is in your best interests. Before saying anything, you need to exercise your right to remain silent and have legal counsel at your side.

An Attorney At Your Side Fighting For Your Freedom

At the arraignment, a plea is entered. Judges look at a variety of factors in determining whether to release or set bail for a suspect. Those include a criminal record and the severity of the alleged crimes. Having an attorney speak for you can make the difference between incarceration and freedom while a case is going through the legal process.

An experienced lawyer will also work proactively in securing the information possessed by law enforcement. The process of discovery involves reviewing all evidence and witness statements to build a strong case. From there, a pre-trial hearing often involves the defense filing motions that range from suppressing evidence to dismissing charges.

A Skilled Trial Lawyer Can Make A Significant Difference

Should a case go to trial, you need an attorney who is skilled and successful at litigating cases. Plea bargains are a valid option in many cases. However, when prosecutors offer an unsatisfactory deal, a seasoned litigator is your best chance to protect your future and freedoms.

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